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Here. Have a cute ghost.
Drag it. It’s transparent.

this is what sam fucking pepper tweeted out to his 1.16 million twitter followers today
in this fucking piece of trash video he walks around on the street harassing and groping women and tries to play it off as a prank, when the women are very obviously uncomfortable with the situation
he is vile human garbage!!! who also made a video at venice beach like two years ago where he made out with women without their consent! wow!
AND he somehow allowed to attend vidcon 2014? like???? holy fuck????
fuck sam pepper!! honestly what a shitbag, he’s poisonous to our communities and should be vehemently rejected from every online space


Heres a picture of me being ugly


tfw you do research and get in too deep and start reading about random shit that has nothing to do with your plot 



please look at this picture of italy with his hair on fire


He is burning